Keep our earth safe for all

We will do a planting program for plant tree in all vacant land of our houses and roadside to make our earth green. We will influence them for not using chemical fertiliser or insect killer in corp. we will appreciate them to use organic fertiliser for their corp.

Our all movement is to build a safer earth for the next generation.

Information for all

We will establish a library for developing the study tendency among our kids and that will also work as a media centre. Trust will provide necessary books, computer, printer, internet connection and proper accommodation. Our all people can access this easily.

Ethical education among youth

To keep our youth away from drug abuse or any other anti-social activity we regularly monitor them and do counselling with them. 

 Stay close to up to date technology. We know our neighbourhood is a cultivation based neighbourhood. Most of our people are engaged with cultivation. We frequently organise them and the govt official of the agriculture department to introduce the latest technology of cultivation in this way they can produce more crops and organic food for their family.

Sound health sound life

 Moricha welfare trust will organize a regular health camp for a checkup of all people. If anybody found sick and he or she fails to treatment. The trust will take care of his or her due treatment. Besides that, we will organize a football or cricket match.

Healthy mom healthy baby

We know a healthy mom can bear a healthy baby so our plan to monitor the pregnant mom's health frequently by an expert midwife or medical assistant and ensure her due nutrition and safe delivery. If we found any mom feeling complex or needs to hospitalized our trust will do the due initiative.

Monitoring every baby's growth

we already completed a database of our all people of the Moricha. we will update it frequently So we can get information of our infant babies from the database. Our medical assistant will monitor every infant's growth regularly. If we get any baby is not getting proper nutrition our trust will provide and care. By this way, we will reduce child death in our neighborhood.

Education for all

We can see information from our database about all school going babies. If we found any baby irregular in school or drop out we do a council with their family. if they need financial support for this baby we will do that. Our trust will organize scholarship program among students to develop interesting in the study. If we found any baby suffering from school supplies we will provide the necessary support. In high school level, if l we found any dropout case we give him or her proper support for continuing his or her study.