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The History of Moricha

If we try to know the history of our motherland Moricha we have to look back. One of our most respected inhabitant was late Moulana Motahir Ali. Motahir Ali was a talented person. He passed Kamil from Assam Madrasha board in 1949 with 1st class and he held the 2nd position in the merit list. He was a renowned Muhaddis and he thought as Muhaddis in Isamoti Madrasha, Jingabari madrasha, Gasbari Madrashs and Matiura madrasha in his glorious teaching life. We found.......

Our Events

Moricha Walfare trust events, seminars and workshops for deprived population of Bangladesh throughout the year

Our Goal

Helping disadvantage children and young people in bangladesh

Education for all

We can see information from our database about all school going babies. If we found any baby irregular in...

Monitoring every baby's growth

we already completed a database of our all people of the Moricha. we will update it frequently So we can get...

Healthy mom healthy baby

We know a healthy mom can bear a healthy baby so our plan to monitor the pregnant mom's health...

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Village: Moricha, Post Office: Atgram
Upozila: Zakiganj , District : Sylhet 

Email: Phone: +8801733780487